We are those 2 crazy girls from New Jersey who vlog about Degrassi.

Vlogging like it's our job, because it kind of is our job.)

Alex and Taylor take you through a fangirl journey. We feel what you feel.

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peaceoftheapple asked
I loved your new video :)! I have stopped watching degrassi for the first time this season with the exception of the final 3 episodes. I think the show has mishandled its current cast (Adam's death) and is ruining Claire, a character who has been there a while. I would love to see you do more dance mom videos-- not necessarily about the events in the episode but the reality behind the reality show. I think you should make a new channel!

Thank you so much for your feedback-we love it! I think we’re definitely going to make a separate channel and link it to our current channel, where we will continue to make vlogs about Degrassi. : )



We’re back… ; )

Dear Alex and Taylor,

We’ll see what your fans say, but my vote is to keep talking about Degrassi on The Degrassi Experience and make a new channel for the misc TV shows. I watched one Thunderstruck recap vid and almost cried when the girl was too lazy to check the name of the episode, completely forgot Dallas’ name, and called Tristan “the gay guy” until she remembered his name was “Trishtin”. *CRINGE!!* 

Like I said on YouTube, The Degrassi Experience was THE leading vlog on the social network. You have your own page of the Degrassi Wiki. You met and filmed with the cast and crew. The writers acknowledged watching your videos. Random ideas that you mentioned from a hockey team to a musical found their way of becoming a reality. You know inside information such as how Bianca wasn’t supposed to hit against the glass after Drew twirled her but it was so funny that they kept it. They even made Tori and Tristan a vloggers of The West Drive Experience as a nod to you! You have a connection with the show that no other vlog has. If you can post a video at least once every two weeks to cover both parts of the episodes once Season 14 starts, there is no reason to change your brand and your fan base will grow.

And if you want to spend September recapping the series starting from “Close to Me”, that would be divine. Realistically speaking, I am crossing my fingers for a Thunderstruck recap.

Glad to have you back, girls!



Anonymous asked
I think people need to understand that you're fans of the show first and not professionals who work at epitome. You're allowed to have your own opinions and have your preferences. If people don't like it then no one if forcing them to watch your videos. I think you girls are great. Keep doing what you're doing.

Thank you! We are fans first, and sometimes we have a video camera.

Anonymous asked
I love you guys so much and don't want to seem pushy ur just wanted to know when a new vid comes out. U guys should totally react to the degrassi mini "meet the new roommate" you guys will flip out. I did!!!!!

We’re back!!!  :D

Anonymous asked
WHERE R U??????!!!! we miss u guys! please return to youtube. what do u think about this whole mya thing? or alli and leo?

So I might be a little bit of a fangirl for the Degrassi Experience girls… little bit ;)


So I might be a little bit of a fangirl for the Degrassi Experience girls… little bit ;)

Sweetness <3


I’m happy for both Taylor and Alex for all the recognition they are getting. I think it’s amazing how Westside experience was based off of their Degrassi experience blog, and I think they deserve it.  They are both great girls and some of the most passionate fans I have come across.

Good point!


Explain to me this… if Tristan is in love with West Drive as much as Taylor and Alex are in love with degrassi than why didn’t he know about Zoe’s character being killed off before Maya?